The Struggles of Starting A New Business

Starting a new business isn’t easy, but when you have a little bit of insight into the challenges you may have to face, it makes it a whole heck of a lot easier.

Ya’ see, when first starting a business it’s normal to feel a little bit of hesitation. While you may be super excited to get up and running, there’s always that little bit of “what if” running through the back of your mind…

Questions like:

What if it doesn’t work?

What if I can’t pay my employees?

What if I let my family and friends down?

Take a deep breath. Now relax, and breath out.

These are all normal hesitations to have. I had them when I first started my business and countless of my friends have experienced the same feelings when starting their businesses. Hell, when my buddy started his roof repair company back in 2008, he hadn’t even been in the roofing industry for very long. Imagine the fear running through his veins as he launched a company in an industry he knew, but not that well!

When you step back and look at everything, things really aren’t going to end up as you think they will. As humans we all have this innate fear of going into the unknown, whether that be starting a business or working out or anything that really pushes us outside of our comfort zone. When we learn to push past our comfort zones that is when amazing things can happen.

The video above by Joshua Foer is a great resource on stepping into being uncomfortable. Watch it, take notes and really internalize exactly what he is saying.

This was a short post for today, but we’ll be back soon with more inspiring content! Stay tuned…