New Camera for Traveling

The Tercentenary team is traveling to Europe at the end of the year and we wanted to share our experience trying to find some new cameras to take and help us document along the trip. First, we needed to set our parameters around exactly what kind of camera we were looking for – our exact needs and specifications were below:

  • Something easy to carry around
  • Nothing too fancy or that will stand out in another country
  • Takes great video and can handle photos well
  • Needs to be great in low light situations
  • No shutter delay

We’re gonna be real with ya’ – it was no easy task finding a camera that was going to fit our needs exactly to the letter:

At first we checked out some mirrorless cameras, but we found that they were a little bit out of our price range, especially for some of the higher end stuff.

Next, we considered some DSLR’s, but with us wanting to save weight and be “less conscipucous” while traveling through Europe, we didn’t want anything that we needed to carry around extra lenses for.

Our only option left was compact cameras… and boy, there are quite a few. It took us a lot of time, research and due diligence to find find our golden child, but we finally decided on the Panasonic Lumix ZS60!

She’s pretty sexy, eh?

We used a few of these resources to read initial reviews and make our final decision:

Point and shoot camera guide: Best point and shoot cameras 2017

Travel camera guide: Travel cameras for 2017

ThinkMedia TV: Top Small cameras for video

Thanks to all the resources in allowing us to make our final decision! We are excited to share with all of you the amazing photos and videos we are going to get all over Europe come the end of the year, and rest assured, as soon as the camera comes in we will be sharing it here on the site and doing an in-depth review of all of its’ gadgets and features.

Why Photography and Video Is Important To Us…

More than anything we want to inspire and motivate all of you to get out there and make a difference in the world. Through our documentation of the lives we (hopefully) are going to be changing all over Europe, we hope it trickles down to many of you to do the same in your local communities.

With that said, we hope to be a beacon through our photography and video and would love to see any ideas you guys come up with because of it. As the time gets closer, we’ll be posting about our travels and would love to hear and see some of your own photography and video!